The APECS FrostByte videos of MOSAiC School participants. Find out more about who they are and watch their FrostBytes about their research projects below.

ARICE contributes to the MOSAiC Expedition by funding the research project DEARice and by supporting the MOSAiC School

The impact of improved turbulance parametrization for polar conditions

Reconstruction of Arctic sea ice at the first half on the 20th century

The Arctic Ocean`s memory of atmosphere variability

The evolution of melt pond geometry

Experimental and modelling study of subsea releases of oil

Borealization of the Arctic pelagic ecosystem

Impact of turbulent surface on Arctic mixed-phase clouds

Meltwater reaching Vincennes Bay Polynya

About the mass balance of S Greenland Glacier “Sermilik”

Atlantic water in the Eurasian Arctic Basin


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