Enhancing virtual and remote access to data



The objective of Work Package 7 is to establish the project data management system and to develop and adapt strategies and tools for efficient data access and data dissemination.

There is an increasing need and demand from the science community, policymakers, stakeholders and the public for timely access to information and data on the Arctic Ocean. Tasks within Work Package 7 will aim to enhance virtual and remote access to data across an extensive user community, including researchers, government agencies and the general public.

Work Package 7 is led by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).


ARICE data management plan


Report on user and stakeholder feedback on the current status of their data management and potential gaps


Vessels’ capabilities and limitations to adopt the ARICE system


Scheme of the data management system and its specifications


Agreement on procedures for virtual access to the ARICE cruises




Vito Vitale (CNR)




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